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500+ Best Chatbot Name Ideas to Get Customers to Talk

Witty, Creative Bot Names You Should Steal For Your Bots

chatbot name

If you overlook unwanted meanings, customers may create different connotations with your bot which may negatively impact your chatbot engagement. A good chatbot name conveys its personality and sets the tone. It’ll achieve its goal as long as it makes the user experience memorable and consistent. Moreover, the bot name can give customers a sense of familiarity; rather than being referred to as “the chatbot,” naming your bot helps customers connect with it on a personal level. In 2014, Nicholas Epley, a psychologist from the University of Chicago, conducted a study to check whether giving technology humanlike features can impact its perception. The study revealed that the people who used the car with a personality considered it to be more competent and reliable.

Man ends his life after an AI chatbot ‘encouraged’ him to sacrifice … – Euronews

Man ends his life after an AI chatbot ‘encouraged’ him to sacrifice ….

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Your chatbot represents your brand and is often the first “person” to meet your customers online. By giving it a unique name, you’re creating a team member that’s memorable while captivating your customer’s attention. Naming your chatbot is the first step in creating a personality for your virtual assistant and giving it a unique identity. If you’re looking for a chatbot name that’s both memorable and professional, try one of our tips.

What to call the chatbot

Based on the Buyer Persona, you can shape a chatbot personality (and name) that is more likely to find a connection with your target market. Look through the types of names in this article and pick the right one for your business. Or, go onto the AI name generator websites for more options. Every company is different and has a different target audience, so make sure your bot matches your brand and what you stand for.

chatbot name

Our list below is curated for tech-savvy and style-conscious customers. Try to use friendly like Franklins or creative names like Recruitie to become more approachable and alleviate the stress when they’re looking for their first job. What do people imaging when they think about finance or law firm? In order to stand out from competitors and display your choice of technology, you could play around with interesting names.

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Likewise, an e-Commerce bot is used to handle customer queries, handle purchase orders, and circulate product information. Let’s say your chatbot is a responder for your bakery that takes up orders. You can’t have a generic chatbot named “Bakery Responder” and put off the customer right from the beginning. Your chatbot is going to be interacting with all your customers firsthand and you need to decide its role to assign it with a suitable name. Before giving your chatbot a name, you must know what role your chatbot is going to play. Whatever the function may be, it needs to be evident before you give your chatbot a name.

chatbot name

While a chatbot is, in simple words, a sophisticated computer program, naming it serves a very important purpose. You’ll start making real progress, and experience first-hand what it’s like to put your ideas into the world. Our 4,418 case studies show you how ordinary people built businesses to millions in revenue – all starting from a simple idea or side project.

Intercom’s product principles: Shaping the solution to maximize customer value

For example GSM Server created Basky Bot, with a short name from “Basket”. That’s when your chatbot can take additional care and attitude with a Fancy/Chic name. It’s a great way to re-imagine the booking routine for travelers. Choosing the name will leave users with a feeling they actually came to the right place.

This is a perfect name for a start-up business and you will surely have an edge over your competitors. This is a unique and great name and it has the potential to become very popular and famous. For example, if you sell paint products, you can call your company “Paint by ABC” instead of simply calling it ‘ABC Paint’.

Chatbot Name Ideas

All of this depends on the type of services your industry will be providing. Your chatbot’s name and its personality are going to be a direct reflection of your company. Chatbots are getting more popular and they’re expected to get even more popular in the near future.

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